The area

Dadiaselo - Dadia village

The forest of Dadia has characterized in cooperation with INCN\WWF at 1980 as protected area and at 2003 as National Park.

The variorum landscape and the rich vegetation compiles an enchanting image where mountains and rivers meets all kind of forest trees as pinetrees , beeches and firtrees. Thanks to its unique place near the easter migration way for many kinds of bird fawner, the forest of Dadia beside its rich flora has a specially variety of fawner with 220 spices of birds, 40 spices of reptiles and 48 spices of manuals.

There is a special place for birds of pray:in Dadia exists are of lost two emigration in Europe for the "black nature", here nests 36 of the 38 spices of birds of pray of Europe, 20 of which are presently nesting here while other just spend their winder or stop through migration. In our area 20 brace of "black nature", are nesting every year – these birds are other rave spices as the Gold Vulture, the Eagle Buzzard, the evy Eagle, the Gold Eagle and others.

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