Dadias local road Dadia 68400 Evros Greece

Phone: 2554032333

Mobile: 6936793557


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Other information

Other information:

How to get Dadiaselo:

By plane: Only 1 hour from Athens! There are 5 flights daily from Athens to Alexandroupolis, as well as from many countries. You can visit the proper website for more information.

By train: There are 4 train roots from Athens to Ormenio and from Thessaloniki to Ormenio, with stops of Soufli where you can take the local bus to our village or take a taxi, which will cost you 10 Euro. For more details you can search the net.

By bus: There are 6 daily roots from Thessaloniki and 1 from Athens. You can stop at Maggazi - Dadia and we can pick you up with our car.

By Car: Only 2.5 hours from Thessaloniki! The distance from Athens to Dadia is about 976 km and from Thessaloniki about 456 km. After Alexandroupolis you go to Soufli. 12 km before reach Soufli, you turn left. There are many signs and the road is very good.

Usefull Telephones

Soufli Municipality: 2554022030
Soufli police department: 2554022100
Health Centre: 2554023223
Local bus: 2554022291
Train: 2554022254
Dadias Monastery: 2554051361
Kornofolias Monastery: 2554051388
Information centre of Dadia: 2554032209
Women corporation "Gerakina": 2554032489