Dadiaselo - Activities

Within walking distance from our hotel you can find the information center , the prey – birds observation and the start place for organized footpaths. It really worth the try to visit the place "catrantsides" in the forest a few km west from our village.

A place of recreation fully organized for activities and traditional wooden tavern where the women cooperation "hawk" will offer their hospitality and their traditional cooking. For the fans of adventure the place "three springs" and the ruins of Pessani near by are calling you to visit them. An other worth seeing place is the holy monastery of Dadia , in his courtyard there are many animals. At the Kornofolia there is the monastery of Virgin Mary (the Portaitisa) which founded four centuries ago and its portrait is miraculous. At Soufli you can see the historical traditional settlement with his big cocoon houses, the historical and folklore museums and also the museum of silk. You can travel north at mountain villages of the municipality of Soufli. Which are far away from now progress , really traditional remaining where you can visit great stoned graves of Giannouli and Sidiro. Afew km from the village of Dadia heading to Alexandroupoli you can also final the beautiful lake of Tihero where you can do horse ridge at Delta of Evros river. An other singsong in the fossilized forest at the village Lagina.