Welcome to Dadiaselo

In the heart of the prefedure of Evros, inside nature, trees and vivid vegetation, we can find the village of Dadia. There a lives the most rave birds of prey in Europe. Dadia is a beautiful and quiet village with 700 inhabits, is one of the few "live" villages of countryside. It's hospitable people, the traditional food and the magic of pure nature are some of the reasons you should visit the area.

At the edge of this village, between mountains you come in view with traditional hotel Dadiaselo. Its name declares its position "dadiaselo". The hotel offers an unforgettable view, on the one hand you can see the endless plain and on the other hand the enchanting mountains challenge you for a rush out in nature. Here tradition and luxury lives together.

Hospitality is in end in ourselves so we make you feel like home.